Monreal - Second Voice

A sport team: Real Murcia, which one else?

Hobbies apart from Carnaval: Music, specially Rock, and athletics to play and football to support.

If you had not joined Carnaval, would you have joined any other fiesta? Of course, and undoubtedly with some of my friends here in the Chirigota. I would have joined any form of musical expression. No music, no life…

Which part of Murcia do you prefer? Its orchard, which is where I live and where I was born and have grown up.

A Murcia monument: Undoubtedly, its astonishing Cathedral, a baroque jewel and reference point for every Murcia citizen.

A Murcia public figure: Paco Rabal. A genius, an icon and a unique public figure.

Which is your favourite dish: Everyone from the orchard of Murcia. Everyone is all right.

What would you change in Murcia: I would not change anything. If I had magic wand, I would bring water to our Region, much more water.