Javi - Tenor / Director

A sport team: Real Murcia.

Hobbies apart from Carnaval: Drama.

If you had not joined Carnaval, would you have joined any other fiesta? I have not joined Carnaval… It is Carnaval the one that is chasing me and never leave me in peace.

Which part of Murcia do you prefer? Plaza Mayor (Main Square) to live in, and Plaza de las Flores (Flowers Square) to share.

A Murcia monument: Puente Viejo (The Old Bridge over the Segura River).

A Murcia public figure: Juan de la Cierva (the one who invented the autogiro)… I love his Cierva cakes.

Which is your favourite dish: Costillejas (Ribs) and potatoes with ajo cabañil (crushed garlic).

What would you change in Murcia: I would never change any single thing. I like it as it is.